-Full Set of Traditional Eyelash Extensions….. $139 
Full Set of Traditional Eyelash Extensions
Includes your first fill- a $40 value!(within the first 2 weeks
appointments set on application date)…………..120 min

-Eyelash Extensions Partial Set….. $65
A great choice for those wishing to try out eyelash extensions
before committing to a full set. A partial set will allow you to
go about your day to day activities and experience first hand
the weightlessness and quality of the work we do here at The
Lash Bar…… 60 min

-Eyelash Extensions Removal ……. $50
60 min

-Emergency Removals from Other Salons…. $100
 60 min


-Traditional Eyelash Extension Lash Fill * ….. $40

*PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer accept clients who had their full
sets applied by other salons/individuals. We apologize for the
inconvenience, but with the sudden surge of unqualified
individuals attempting to do this service, we are seeing an
increasing amount of shoddy and damaged lash applications. As a
result, we cannot in good faith work “on top” of another’s poor
work. If you unknowingly trusted someone unqualified to apply
your extensions and are having a bad experience, please schedule
a professional removal. A full removal will stop your lashes
from shedding in clumps– leaving you with bald spots. If you
would like a proper, full set applied immediately after removal,
please schedule for that as well……………$40 every 2 weeks. 60 min

(If you wait longer then 4 weeks it will require a full set at full price)